TCD Plots

TCD Plots

Now that the server is back in action and better than ever! with things smoothing out, I have started to roll out our new plot system! You can purchase plots in our server shop today! We offer Small, Medium, and Large plots.

If you cannot afford to support The Creeping Dead Server, that is okay! We appreciate you too, so we made all perks/shop items accessible in-game as rare vouchers you may obtain in-game. Again, those are rare so expect it to be challenging to obtain.

If you purchased items in our previous shop before our 2.0 changes you’re not forgotten. Some packages are very similar to our previous ones and those will be matched and rolled out to you as quickly and orderly as possible. Ex: If you previously purchased a Base Plot then you would be rolled into a Large Plot now. If you purchased a Cabin Plot then you would be rolled into a small based on the value of the storage size you can hold is greater than what the cabin offered. If you had previously purchased a Tent or RV Plot, then you will be rolled into Storage Unit Plots as soon as those become available.

Thank you, everyone!

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