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TCD 2D Texture Packs! -Updated on 5/1/2020

This is a 2D texture pack I threw together from a mix of some custom textures, and a few from old twdcs and twdc. I put this together to fill out the textures that haven't been finished on the official pack yet and for whoever just prefers 2D textures. 🙂

  • Updated Crossbow Texture - 4/26
  • Updated several textures such as the CZ-75, Scar, Brass Knuckles, Katana, Crowbar, Money Bag, and Revolver. Added an eye patch for Governor drop as well. As usual, all 4 modules should be working fine. Replace old texture packs with these. - 5/1

I have gone ahead and taken a few screenshots for y'all to take a look at and see what is included.

This has several Modules that come with classic armor textures and custom bullets that replace the usual snowballs.

Pack with No Armor or Bullet Textures:

Pack with Bullet Textures:

Pack with Armor Textures:

Pack with Both Armor and Bullets: