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Ingame Ranks

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I think Ingame Ranks should get perks! So I was thinking about it and came up with some idea, I hope y'all will like it.


[WalkerBait] X

[Survivor] X

[WalkerSlayer] /feed (Cooldown: 10 minutes.)

[Hunter] /Near (Cooldown: 10 minutes.)

[Gunsman] /Unload (Take the bullets out of a gun.)

[Pyro] /Vaullt (OUT OF COMBAT.)

[Berserker] /Tpa (Cooldown: 15 minutes.)

[Reaper] /Repair (Cooldown: 8 hours.)

[Savage] /Nickname (Colored and Bold.)

You get the perks per rank so that means you always have the perks from the rank below.

I think people will like this, it will give Ranking up more meaning.

It should also be really cool if your Display Name matches your Ingame Rank. so the chat gets more color!

Example: [Savage] TWDCS:

This is actually a great idea for the ranks!

Quote from Anomaly Alpha on April 30, 2020, 12:21 am

This is actually a great idea for the ranks!

I Agree!

oof! I do love to see that you all like this! 7 Thumbs up!


Good to see you like it, @AnomalyAlpha.